The rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind and the harmony of the soul create the symphony of life

- B.K.S. Iyengar

Do you feel tired, stressed and anxious too often?
Do you feel disconnected from your true inner being, your life purpose?                                                                                                       Do you realize something needs to change but don't really know how & where to start?

Don't allow anotherday, light up your life now!

Let it flow, let it flourish, let it shine now!

If you hear that inner voice asking you to take care of yourself, your body, your mind and your soul, and are actually ready to think of you for once, than I am your woman!

I use a combination of Coaching Intelligence, Yoga Philosophy and Ayurvedic Science in my individual and group sessions to accompany you on your transformational journey towards the You you wish to be. Our partnership empowers you to let go of your barriers, connect with your true nature and nurture your body, mind and soul for a joyful and fulfilled life.


Let it flow!

Transform your energy into a powerful life force with Yoga.

Yoga workshops for children and adults; discover the beautiful world of yoga, some philosophy, some postures, and much more.


Let it flourish!

Transform your lifestyle habits for a fulfilled life.

Group session discovering the ancient health science, Ayurveda, and how to apply its principles to your body & mind type.

Simone Kaufmann life coach - yoga teacher - Ayurvedic consultant

Let it shine!

Turn your dormant inner flame into a cosy, yet powerful fire.

Individual coaching program well-crafted to allow you go from where you are today to where you can't even imagine you could be!

See what my clients say...



"Simone’s introduction to yoga course was excellent and quickly became the highlight of my week. She beautifully combined demonstrating the postures with deeper explanations of the yogic philosophy and her personal journey as inspiration. Her passion for the yogic lifestyle was clearly evident as she integrated teachings about areas like nutrition, mindfulness and breathing.  Simone’s teaching style is compassionate and encouraging,  paying close attention to each student to adjust a posture or offer alternatives where needed. The course has given me the confidence to practice the postures on my own but has also inspired a broader view of wellness that I’m incorporating into my life now."



"Simone is a wonderful coach. Her generosity is remarkable. She is naturally perceptive. She listens without judgment and offers guidance without being prescriptive. She has a natural sense of empathy and genuine passion for helping others. Working with Simone has changed my life for the better."




"I felt the benefits of the session first inside me but than also in my everyday life. My body and my mind reconnected session after session. My internal fire has calmed down. Simone’s voice soothes you and accompanies you… way beyond the sessions. "

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I am Simone

Did you know that Yoga is a life philosophy far more complete than a set of physical postures? Have you ever heard about the richness of Ayurveda beyond the beautiful oil massage? Did you ever have a life Coach who helped you unlock limiting beliefs?

Well I did and can tell you that the combination of these philosophies have completely transformed my life.

I was a human resources manager in a big multinational company and was living a somewhat ordinary life filled with stress, desires and frustrations, nothing bad, but nothing exciting either.

One day Yoga invited itself into my life and my life started to unfold. Day after day, I went deeper into my true inner nature until I was ready to change my life … I certified as a life coach, quit my corporate job of 16 years, studied Yoga and Ayurveda and now live from my passion which is to accompany people like you who know there is more to life.

Let me be your transformational partner and I will show you how to transform your dormant inner-flame into a warm and cosy, yet powerful, fire to add years to your life and life to your years!

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